Online & Telephone Counselling with Clare-Marie

I work online through video call or by telephone so I can see clients all over the UK.

fully qualified


Benefits of Online / Telephone Counselling are:

  • A place that feels safe to you to such as home, office or somewhere you feel happy to open up 
  • Less issues around childcare or a work schedule 
  • More flexibility  
  • Feeling more in control 
  • Fees are often lower 
  • Knowing that you are in a safe place so when therapy is over so you can have some reflection time rather than focusing on getting back to your busy life 
  • Often more suitable for couples to meet together at home rather than rushing to a counselling session before or after work and then having to possibly travel home separately rather than spending that quality time together 
  • More privacy as some clients worry about others knowing they are having therapy 
  • Different types of video call including Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp so you can go with a platform that you feel comfortable with  


Life can seem extremely difficult at times as we may face situations that are challenging to deal with either on our own or in our relationship. This can leave us feeling quite vulnerable and alone in the world, and may be caused by situations that seem out of our control. 

Together we can explore the emotions you are feeling, I will help you to unravel all the sad and negative thoughts that keep ruminating within you giving you those difficult feelings to deal with. I will do so in a supportive and empathic way so you no longer feel alone with your struggles. 

I will offer you somewhere safe and non-judgemental to explore the concerns you are experiencing. We can work together to make sense of what is happening in your world so you are able to feel less alone and able to move forward with your own life. We will work at a pace that feels safe for you and gives you that opportunity to have your feelings validated.


As well as working with individuals I have a keen interest in working with couples improve their relationships.  I have carried out extra training in relationship counselling as this was one of the chosen modules during my counselling studies.  It gave me good grounding and understanding of the dilemmas couples struggle with. I have a keen interest in how couples can improve their relationship by supporting them unravel the issues that appear to be causing the discord in the hope they can have a more harmonious relationship. 


This also is an area that I am passionate about as I have carried out extensive training in loss and grief and volunteered for a large charity as a bereavement counsellor for many years. When we hear the word loss, we often associate this with a bereavement, but loss can include the breakdown of relationships, losing our independence, unemployment, declining health etc. so it can cover a wide range of difficulties that we encounter throughout our lives. It can be a very tough journey to be on so I will support you every step of the way with empathy and compassion.

I am happy to offer a free 15-minute video or telephone call for you to ask me any questions you may have and to get a feel of how I work. I find this also helps the initial session feel less daunting for new clients and provides more of an understanding of how counselling works.